Tasmanian Rose – The Perfect Wine for Australia’s Summer

There’s not much that beats a perfectly chilled glass of wine on a hot day. Providence Vineyards wants our rose to be your drink of choice for those cheerful summer days. Named after the wife of the vineyards’ founder – Madame Annette Cecile Miguet – our 2008 Providence Vintage Cecile Rose is the perfect accompaniment to a setting sun, some friends and either some antipasto or seafood.

It’s the wine fate demanded we make. The 2008 Pinot Noir grape harvest was unlike anything we’d seen before, so founder Stuart Bryce and winemaker Guy Wagner did something equally unexpected and produced a beautiful, vibrant pink rose in the traditional European style. With a rich beginning of fruit and cream, this is a drink that doesn’t coat your mouth in sugar and leave you reaching for a glass of water. Evenly balanced with a dry finish, this is a refreshing drop that marries just as well with an Australian heatwave as it does with salmon pâté.

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The oldest Tasmanian vineyard, Providence marries old world techniques and expertise with a thoroughly modern and Australian approach to our beverages. We know how our wines are best drunk because we do it ourselves, under the same sun as you. Our sparkling wines, chardonnays and Rieslings are also perfect fits for your next summer event, while consider our world-famous and award-winning pinot noir the next time you’re cooking pork or lamb.

As one of the most awarded winemakers in Australia, we are confident whichever of our wines you purchase will excite and delight you. Buy online today through our website and get free freight anywhere in Australia! To get in touch, contact us on or call us on 1800 992 967. Our cellar door on the Tasmanian Wine Route at 236 Lalla Road, Lalla is open most days for tastings.

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