Providence Riesling – The Wines Tasmanian Soil Was Meant For

One of the most respected grape varietals, Riesling is a wine that deserves a place in your cellar, and Providence Vineyards strives to uphold a reputation for providing the best.

Our Tasmanian Rieslings are beautifully crafted boutique wines and are a true reflection of the Australian terroir they were born in. Many of them begin life as fruity, aromatic beauties that complement seafood and fresh salads exceptionally well, but buy online today and give them some years in the right cellar and they transform, taking on a depth of flavour and develop a richness unique to themselves.

This versatility is what has attracted so many people to the wine over its long life. Riesling is one of the oldest varietals still in production. With direct references dating back to the 15th century, your Providence Vineyards bottle is just one very young member of a very old and distinguished family.

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Alongside our Riesling, we are proud to offer a range of boutique wines including chardonnay and rosé, our delightful sparkling wines, and our famous and respected pinot noir.

We are proud to offer a rarity; wines produced from a small number of vines planted by Jean Miguet himself – the vineyard’s founder and owner until 1976. This 2011 Providence Monet Riesling is loved by cellar door visitors for its softness and citrus notes, but with time will reward the owner with the complexity and intensity the Australian take on this varietal is sought for. This is the rare bottle that can stand up to and complement the intense flavours of Chinese and Thai cooking. Older releases are perfectly matched to this task.

Consider our Tasmanian Rieslings as an investment in a delightful dinner tomorrow or a magnificent drink in 10 years. Whether you want it for tonight or to celebrate your new child’s 18th birthday, this is the perfect choice. To explore our range of boutique selections, contact Providence Vineyards on 1800 992 967 or via email sales@providence.com.au. Buy online through our website and have it delivered with free freight anywhere in Australia! Our cellar door is located on the picturesque Tasmanian Wine Route at 236 Lalla Road, Lalla.

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