Providence Verjuice

Providence Verjuice



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100 percent the product of Semillon grapes from Providence, viagra dosage picked just after veraisson (softening).  Ageing Potential:  Once opened will keep sealed in the refrigerator 6 months.  Tasting Notes:  Unlike most verjuices that are preserved with sulphur this one is preserved with grape spirit.  This means it will keep in the fridge, what is ed after it is opened for months.  It is sweet on the palate as the sugar level at veraison is 12%.  Pure fruit and acid are what Verjuice is all about.  We also supply a recipe sheet to get you started. You will love this product!

Food Suggestions:  Anything you can eat! The uses of verjuice are practically endless.  Poach Atlantic salmon, salad dressings, substitute for white wine and white wine vinegar.

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Weight 1 kg