2014 Iced Riesling

2017 Frogmore Creek Iced Riesling


2014 Iced Riesling

2014 Iced Riesling


Product Description

Riesling grapes grown at Relbia in the state’s north – 6.6% alc/vol.   Ageing Potential: 2028.  Tasting Notes:  Iced wine is made in the Frogmore Creek winery by chilling the juice and extracting the formed ice, which is almost totally water.  Tasmanian vineyards are not cold enough to freeze grapes on the vines, which is the traditional method of making ice wine in Germany and Canada.  When swallowed it leaves the mouth fresh and hence a great cheese partner. Orange zest, sweet raisony scents, lucious sweet stone fruits and ripe apple flavours. Food Suggestions: Great with classy desserts, as well as blue vein cheese (love it!) with a small slice of quince paste.

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