2008 Bream Creek VGR Riesling

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http://cranberryoverseas.com/edu/real-write-my-papers/2/ Several winemakers are producing the GR series.  This is Tasmania’s method of producing a sweeter variety of wine.  Bream Creek VGR riesling has 18 grams residual therefore sweeter than the 06 riesling but not as sweet as the Late Harvest Schonburger – 11.8%alc/vol.   source link Ageing Potential: Approaching the renaissance for Riesling – should be more than interesting!   https://mrl.mit.edu/session.php?ask=marshall-plan-essay-thesis Tasting Notes:  Displays a rich and luscious style by balancing the natural residual grape sugars with a clean refreshing palate.  Fresh floral nose and lime characters.   click Food Suggestions:  Delicious with Asian Food and spicy curries, which are a match for unwooded, slightly sweet white wines. Can be chilled and still have fresh fruit characters.

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